Jun 25

Wild Wild West! Day 13 A Wise Breakfast and Meeting Steve Martin!

by in Nomadic Life, R1200GS

Good morning Orvis Hot Springs. What a wonderfully cool evening in my tent. Thank goodness I brought my zero degree bag!

This is my new friend Chip. He is a super smart guy who retired from teaching special needs children. His demeanor is one that just makes you want to sit and listen to what he has to say. I’m thankful for meeting a guy like him.

The “guys” having a fantastic breakfast at Kate’s Place!

Strike a pose Mark. I look forward to seeing you again and thanks for the great conversation. Best of luck with your endeavors in Boulder!

After breakfast I head up the road and get ready to jump off onto an off road short cut know as “Last Dollar Road” that will take me to Telluride. I like the name and it’s suppose to have some great views to boot.

Is this cow wearing one of those fashion forward high waisted belts? I’ve never seen such a cow.

This view was breathtaking.

The town of Telluride Colorado being frugal by just hanging the town sign on an old dilapidated building.

This upcoming weekend is the annual Bluegrass Music festival. So this place is jumping and everybody is in high spirits. Even to the point of standing in the street to fly flags.

Two modes of two wheeled travel.

These entrepreneurs had setup a fantastic little lemonade stand. So of course I had to purchase from these guys.

Then they posed for a photo. They sure were a happy bunch. Perhaps because they were getting rich!

After lunch I walked down to the entrance of the music festival. It was a serious long line. Ten thousand tickets were available to this event and they sold out in the first four hours! Seriously? That is just craziness.

Oh, Colorado.

Do you recognize the guy walking down the street in the pink shirt?

Steve Martin said hello and even stood by the bike for a picture!

Back on the road and heading towards Moab now. The scenery begins to change.

I am about to ride into Utah for the first time ever!!

The beautiful and scenic road that I am on was so “scenic” that there wasn’t a gas stain for a hundred miles. I got so excited by the ride that I forgot to fill up with gas. It is a good thing that I carry and extra gallon because today I get to use it or otherwise I am walking to Moab.

The famous spot outside of Moab, Utah.

It must have been the excitement of getting to Utah along with running out of gas but I failed to take any additional photos of my night out. I checked in to a nice hotel right in downtown and headed over to Miguel’s Baja Grill. The food was excellent and even came with a free joke. Told by my server Hacobo. Then a local came and sat with me inquiring about my journey. We talked a bit while I ate my food then it was back to pool to relax. It has been a fantastic day of riding. I’m excited to be here on my bike. I’ve been in the mountains so the desert will be quite the welcome change to a wanderer like me. Live life to the fullest and for me I am off to sleep.

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