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Wild Wild West 2013! Day 15 Camping in Canyonlands with Many New Friends!

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Last night as I was finishing my day off with a swim when I met a nice couple by the pool. As it turns out they were from Syracuse and it just so happened that they owned the DL650 that I saw in the parking lot. So we talked bikes and they invited me to meet them for breakfast. So I am on my way up to the patio area to have breakfast with John and Janie.

Their steel horse.

We decide over breakfast that we will go our separate ways today because I’ve already been to Arches National Park and thats where they want to go today. However we all want to camp together so I offer to try and secure us a space in Canyonlands. Jaine offers to cook dinner if I get the campsite. This seems like a great idea to me so I go back to the room to pack. It’s not terribly hot in Moab today but for some reason I am a little slow to get out of my room. Perhaps I am just enjoying the desert.

Canyonlands NP here I come! Let’s hope I can luck out and get a campsite!

I’m making my way to Willow Flat campground. It’s doubtful that we will get a site by just showing up.

I made it to Willow Flat campground but it appears they are all booked up. So I talk to Louie for a while about his life and the “bus” he purchased at auction for $250. This is the best deal I have ever heard of! Louie if you ever read this blog it was nice meeting you and I wish you all the best. Keep being easy friend.

Suddenly after Louie left a guy from California comes over and tells me a spot just opened up. What! He said that the people were just using it for lunch. So I zip over and claim site number 12! Bam! My crew and I are officially in business! The only problem is I have to ride eight miles back to the visitor center to get any phone service to let them know. This is what I love about adventuring! Off to the front of the park to let me co-nomads know whats up. Oh, wait a girl just circled through and is looking for a site. Should we let her stay? Ayla is heading from Washington DC back home to California. Sure you can camp with us. I’m feeling good about this day. So I picked up another friend/camper and I’m off to the front of the park to let my original crew know.

My friends get the message and leave Arches to come over and meet me. These guys are so cool! We all walk to the lookout point directly across from the visitors center and take some photos.

To ride the Schafer Trail or not? That road you see running along the rim is the Schafer Trail. I am totally thinking that this is something my bike and I need to conquer. It’s steep, dangerous, and I will be solo without any help. What’s not to love!

Look at that drop off!!! Yeah baby!

John is all camouflage. Hey John, Are you from Moab?

Why are you so close to the edge they ask? John replies “We were born on the edge”! The lady is terrified for John and Jaine.

Nice mug! Let me try…

Enough of this spot. I escort my pals over to our campsite so we can all get setup. Home sweet home. Our new friend is already taking advantage of the Eno Hammock I hung up for everyone. Ayla was very thankful to not be camping alone.

What a campsite!

The simple life. Man do I love sleeping in my tent on these perfect nights. Not to mention my friends tents surrounding me.

John and Jaine were kind enough to run to the store for drinks and fire wood.

Time to watch the sunset over the canyon.

This is “make out” rock. If you want the details about it you will have to ask Brian! Oh, you haven’t met the incredible Brian yet have you.

It’s Brian from Colorado! I met him up at the visitor center and told him about a handicap camping spot in our area. It wasn’t available until 5:00pm but I mentioned it to him in hopes that he and his kids could get it. They seemed like good people. Then all of a sudden while watching the sunset over the river he came walking up. Little did I know what an awesome treat he and his kids would be to our experience at Canyonlands.

Get closer to the edge Brain!

My turn!

What is this a photo shoot? It’s about to be! But first let’s see a little more of this magnificent sunset!

Money Shot!

I don’t even know what to say at this point. What I do know is that if Brian shows these pictures to any single ladies then it will be a done deal. You better get a big stick to keep the girls off of you Brian! If this becomes an e-harmony profile picture I will gladly take a “referral fee”. LOL.

I can’t tell you what a cool guy Brian is. Luckily he got a campsite and will be hanging out with us later. It’s time for us to fix our group dinner.

Jaine looks like she just ate the last one of something!

After a yummy dinner John builds us a fire. I think he minored in fire building in college because he had this thing roaring in no time at all!

Brian and his kids show up after while and we start up some card games. We also have some graham crackers with chocolate hazelnut butter. Molly eats twelve if I remember correctly! Next time I see you Molly you better have me a jar of that stuff or I am taking your BMX bike! : )

Sweet Sophia enjoying the Eno Hammock. This is the exact reason why I packed this thing.

All the girls and kids head off to bed. So now it’s time for us men to make men talk. Which was really us just laughing about ridiculous stuff until 1:30am. Brian and John are too funny. Finally though Brian decides to go check on the kids. It’s late but John and I head back down to the viewing cliff for some night time photos and fun. We laugh, take pictures, attempt light scribing, and talk about how it feels like we are on Mars. It is a neat feeling to be out in the middle of nowhere with a super moon lighting up the canyon floor.

There is a spaceship landing on my head! Crazy times in Moab at 2:00am!

Oops, It is in reverse!

All smiles tonight!

As John and I return to camp about 2:30 am I give him a hug goodnight and he heads off. I think John is such a great person and really blessed to meet him along with everyone else. What a wonderful little crew we assembled for this evening in Canyonlands. As the country song says ” I could not ask for more.” Today that has been as true as it ever could be. I’m extremely blessed with new friends today. I am off to my tent to get some sleep and I hope to spend tomorrow relaxing and maybe sightseeing in the park. However the Shafer Trail is still bouncing around in my head. So who knows what tomorrow will bring. You make sure you bring your A game wherever you head off to tomorrow. Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you find something useful, entertaining, or inspirational here. Goodnight world.

“As soon as he saw the big boots, Pooh knew that an adventure was going to happen.” – Winnie The Pooh

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  1. From Sarah the scary one:

    Pics are effing rad! Super jealous

    Posted on June 30, 2013 at 7:28 am #
    • From Daventure:

      Thanks Sarah! I’m doing my best!

      Posted on June 30, 2013 at 7:51 am #
  2. From Lori:

    Hi Dave, I’m Janie’s Mom. She told me about meeting you. I’ve been following your blog ever since. Thanks for all of the great pictures!

    Safe travels!

    Posted on June 30, 2013 at 2:06 pm #
    • From Daventure:

      Well hey there Janie’s mom! I appreciate so much you following along for this fun adventure. You did a wonderful job raising up a very wise and thoughtful young lady! Her and John are two fabulous people that I’m thankful to have met!

      Posted on June 30, 2013 at 2:48 pm #
  3. From Jon B:

    Looks like you had a awesome time. Good for you. Not just anyone can pick up and go on adventures so good for you. Those pics were awesome. Wish I could have been there to see that.

    Posted on June 30, 2013 at 8:18 pm #
  4. From Dian:

    Hi Dave ! Betty just sent me the link to your blog…I love it ! Your photos are beautiful and so very creative ! Have a wonderful trip Sweetie, and stay safe !
    Love from Dian & Sophia :)

    Posted on June 30, 2013 at 11:40 pm #
  5. From Shirley:

    Hey David! I’m so proud of you! I love all the pics. Be safe nephew.

    Posted on July 1, 2013 at 6:40 am #

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