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Wild Wild West 2013! Day 16 Let’s Ride the Shafer Trail!

by in Nomadic Life, R1200GS

After a late night I wake up and climb out of my tent. I slept well and I am the only person left at my campsite. Everybody else has either left or gone hiking. So I wonder over to the hammock and prepare for a cozy nap since it’s still early. However next thing I know two little girls are poking my hammock and asking me if I would like to come join them for breakfast. It’s Brian’s daughters. Although I was sleeping really good I am always game for being invited to breakfast. So I head on over.

When I arrive Brian is cooking what smells like eggs and bacon on the stove! Good morning he says! I’m so excited to have a fresh hot breakfast at camp.

There was bacon but I ate it all!

After having breakfast with Brian and his kids John and Janie show up. Brian being the awesome guy that he is offers to cook them some food too. They gladly accept his offer but were courteous enough to bring their own eggs. Where in the world did they get a dozen eggs from?

Nap time after a big breakfast.

The men figuring things out.

This rig Brian has is incredible. Let me know when we are going on our next road trip Brian. I can’t speak for John and Janie but count me in!

We say our goodbyes and head back over to campsite number twelve to do a very important task. This is next thing you witness is a big part of being an adventure biker!


John just added the cool Moab sticker and now is considering the placement for the One Chance Life sticker. 

Good choice! John has a really cool bike with a custom “wrap” down the side. The stickers just add a little extra character.

It’s been a tough morning so now we have brunch in the hammock. The next few hours for me were spent doing some variation of what you see in this photo. The weather was high seventies with a breeze. Laying in the hammock considering life was a wonderful way to spend the midday hours.

I decide around two o’clock to stop relaxing and go see some sights. I’ve got to be in Moab to meet my friends for dinner at the Moab Brewery so I better move. That Shafer trail is still in my head. So I will check out Canyonlands a little more then go look at that trail. Do I have the time and more importantly the off road skills to make it? Time will tell! As I get on my bike to ride out I find the following note. It’s always nice when people are courteous enough to take time to write a thank you note. This day just feels special!

There it is. I think the Shafer Trail is ready to be ridden! I mean it is a “direct” route to Moab so why not? Let’s ride!

This is going to be quite a ride!

Hello, Trouble. I know you are out there. I hope you know, I am too!

I made it to the canyon floor. Not a lot of pullouts to take photos on the way down.

Thank the good lord for asphalt! I am cursing the canyons at 75mph heading towards dinner!

Riding down Main Street I spot my friends bike and pull in next to them downtown. Off to find them and hit up the brewery.

I almost bought this shirt for somebody at the Moab Brewery since it looks so cool and say “no bad day”. However the person who would have received it is so “real” and they wouldn’t agree with the motto. I for sure would though! So would these awesome people here in Moab. After making it down Shafer Trail I didn’t take to many more photos. I believe I am pretty tired. The heat and sweating has caused me a bit of dehydration too. So the picture taking got put on the back burner for the evening.

I had a fabulous morning with my friends! Rested up in the hammock while preparing for the Shafer which I conquered! Then a wonderful dinner in Moab with friends which was followed by a fabulous ride back to the campsite under a super moon. This has been a great day in the desert. Into the tent and off to sleepy town. Goodnight world! Don’t forget tomorrow is another opportunity to “ignite”!


Below is the video of the first and most exciting part of Shafer Trail. Get your bike and come try this “trail” out!


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    SO GLAD you are traveling! Your dream is coming true. You are the MAN!!


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