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Wild Wild West 2013! Day 17 Heading to Steamboat Springs!

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It’s been two wonderful nights camping with friends in Canyonalands Park but today they ride to Salt Lake City and I head to Steamboat Springs CO. I’m going to miss them but I have a feeling I will see them again.

Heading out of the park.

I rode Hwy 128 out of Moab. It is a beautiful road that runs along a river and in a canyon. There were two Harleys in front of me and nobody behind so I rode the entire road without stopping to actually take a photo. This was fine by me because my helmet camera was taking pics. The only problem was that a bug hit the lens. It left its guts all on the lens so the pictures didn’t turn out. After getting off of Hwy 128 I jumped on I-70 east. Stopping to have a much needed junk food lunch at Wendy’s. Then I continued on where I got of at the Rifle exit.

Heading north on Hwy 13 towards Craig Colorado.

Summertime is the only time they can work on these roads so you get traffic delays quite often. Its’s usually pretty exciting because I get to practice riding on a chewed up gravel surface.

I turn right onto HWY 40 and at some point roll into a small little town. It does have a McDonalds though. In front of that McDonalds is a true hardcore adventure rider. So I do a U turn to go say hello. It turns out to be a guy named Rich from California. He has been doing mostly dirt roads on his KTM. Rich just has the adventure rider look! Maybe one day I will have the look…

We have different bikes but the goal is the same… Adventure!

It appears that another rider ( KTM#2 ) is adding the onechancelife sticker to their bike. Awesome!

Good placement!

Rich and I decide to ride over to Steamboat Springs together. It’s fun to just meet up with someone and head off in the same general direction.

When we get to town we say goodbye and each go our own ways. I stop for a photo op. The sign below is the name of a family friend back home. You are one popular guy Hammond Law.

Sweet! I’ve arrived at one of my favorite towns. Let the good times begin. Well actually they started a long time ago but let’s make some more fun.

Home sweet home! At least for tonight.

Dinner time at Rex’s American Bar and Grill. This is the same meal I ate one year ago. It’s good to be back!

Yes that is chicken friend chicken with gravy! Not to mention a little bit of cheese spirals.

My “office” for the night. It takes quite a while to get these photos and words onto the web for your viewing pleasure. Does anybody read this blog? If they do I really appreciate it. I write this blog so that I will be able to remember all the experiences from this journey. There is also the memory of the lessons that I learn. Also perhaps other riders or potential travelers might be inspired and go do a journey that makes mine look like a walk through the neighborhood.

It has been a good day of riding. I am blessed. My friends and family are so wonderful. Wherever you are right now decided to do something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t. Start now and have no fear! Goodnight

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  1. From Lori Thibault:

    I’m still reading your blog, Dave! I’m waiting to hear if you spent the 4th in Cody, (one of the best places in the U.S. to celebrate that Holiday!) …and maybe you’ll run into Janie and Jon again? I’ll stay tuned.

    Posted on July 10, 2013 at 10:22 am #

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