Nov 19

Wild Wild West 2013! Day 18

by in Colorado, R1200GS, Sharing the Gospel

A late night leads me to an early morning. I get up and have breakfast while trying to catch this blog up. It’s clearly not going to happen while I am on the road. There is just too much going on. So I give it my best then pack up and head to the UPS store. I’ve packed too much and its time to ship stuff back home!

Today is a day of getting things back in order if that even exist on my journey. After I ship a big box full of stuff home I ride around looking for Element print and design company. They are going to help me replenish my travel card supply. I’ve given so many away that I had to have more made. While on my search for this place I meet a local guy who is driving a Defender 110. This is amazing because there were only 1,000 brought to the USA. That number might not be accurate but there are not many. This is the second one I’ve seen on this trip. 

Let’s get some cards made. I had wonderful help from Wina. Together we got the cards laid out and they will be ready tomorrow she says! Thank you again Wina and Element Print and Design

The ladies at Element recommended Double Z BBQ for lunch so I head that way. What luck they have outdoor seating!

While enjoying some BBQ a couple of Texans came and sat next to me. They were in town for the rodeo so we strike up a conversation. They invite me over to see there “camp” which consist of a high end horse trailer and lots of animals. I tell them that I’ve got a massage scheduled at Strawberry Hot Springs but tell them tomorrow I don’t have any plans. They said great we will see you tomorrow. Now I am off to see Leah for my massage. This is a special treat after more than two weeks of traveling. First I stop and buy a $7 Gatorade. Goodness that seems expensive.

The road up to Strawberry Springs is 4×4 only. I love it! I’m bouncing all over the place but no worries I am a professional! Yeah right!

I arrive about fifteen minutes ahead of schedule and slowly pack all my stuff to go massage/soak. What! Somewhere along the trail my $7 Gatorade bounced of its little spot. I should have known that the big one would’t sit there. Such a bummer. Oh well I’m off to a massage so no worries.

Strawberry Hot Springs is a privately owned natural hot spring with different pools that vary in temperature. Off to the side they have built little hobbit houses where massages are given. They even have a few of the river from the rooms.

Leah will be doing my massage today and she came recommended by one of my friends. She greats me warmly with a big smile and a friendly hug. Time to change and get to this relaxing business.

After a wonderful ninety minute massage I am all done and it’s off to the springs to soak. What a fantastic combination. I highly recommend it to anybody visiting the Steamboat Springs area. As I am relaxing in the hot waters a couple inquires about my massage. I tell them and then they ask about my trip. As we are talking a younger group of people begin asking me question. I let them in on my story and the seem interested. They are about to leave for dinner and invite me. Knowing full well that these impromptu type invites always lead to adventure and good company I quickly accept. We head off to find some food.

One of the girls finds out about my Guatemala mission trip experience and begins to probe me with well thought out questions. The likes of “what compelled you to go” and “was your family supportive”? Later I part from the group and receive the following message.

Sometimes it’s clear when God is using you and your leaving good in your wake. I was so blessed to be invited by this wonderful group to dinner tonight.

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