Jul 14

Northeast Adventure Day 2

by in Nomadic Life, R1200GS

Day 2 begins… My my is it humid out.

IMG_9043 IMG_9045 IMG_9052 IMG_9053 Thank you Kent for getting my foot pegs all fixed up! You sir know your stuff!  IMG_9050 IMG_9056 IMG_9046 IMG_9049 IMG_9048 IMG_9059 IMG_9058 IMG_9064 IMG_9068 IMG_9065



Time to go sleep in my hammock.


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  1. From jason dixon:

    WOW you been all over it seems. ME and Heather camped next to you on day 2. Hope you rember how to tie a tought line for your rain fly? Asheville is still crazy as ever and I’m still doing the scout thing. Well hope you remaber us and good luck on you trip and GOD BLESS you. Jason Dixon

    Posted on November 20, 2014 at 3:39 pm #

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